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What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting involves interpreters translating the speaker’s words in real time, without any delay. Typically, this method employs two simultaneous interpreters who alternate every 15-20 minutes. This approach doesn’t prolong the conference duration since the interpretation occurs concurrently with the speaker’s delivery. The speaker can continue at their natural rhythm without pausing for translations, allowing for a fluid presentation. This real-time interpreting service is essential for live events, ensuring clear communication through skilled event interpreters.

Where can a simultaneous interpreter assist you?

Unlock the power of seamless communication: Find out when to leverage simultaneous interpreting services for your business needs!

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Economic congresses, political events, scientific conferences


Business conferences, results announcements, board meetings

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Media, news portals, entertainment programs, gala events

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Field visits, trade missions, factory and infrastructure tours

How Does Simultaneous Interpreting Work?

Simultaneous interpreting, often referred to as booth interpreting, is a sophisticated method used during conferences. In this setup, both the interpreter and the audience wear headsets equipped with receivers that enable channel switching and volume adjustment. These headsets can be either over-ear or in-ear. Booth simultaneous interpreting is celebrated for its elegance and discretion, offering maximum comfort without distracting speakers or attendees. It also ensures that the conference proceeds without any extensions in duration.

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When Should You Hire a Simultaneous Interpreter in Warsaw?

Simultaneous interpreting is ideal for large-scale events such as conferences, congresses, lively debates, panel discussions, press conferences, corporate announcements, extensive presentations, streams, TV shows, live broadcasts, and high-profile gatherings where uninterrupted communication is crucial.

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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Depending on the nature of your event, you can choose one of two equipment solutions for simultaneous interpretation. Learn the differences between booth interpretation and infoports.

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Online Simultaneous Interpretation: A Modern Approach to Communication

Online simultaneous interpretation is possible thanks to the Zoom application.

Inquire about online interpretation services. Take advantage of the experience of the best simultaneous interpreters entirely remotely, without the need to order a booth.

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Before ordering simultaneous interpreters, be sure to ask for samples of simultaneous interpretations.

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