Top English-Speaking Panel  Moderator for Your Conference in Poland!

Katarzyna Głuchowska- Experienced in Moderating Debates at International Congresses Broadcast in the Media

Journalistic curiosity, comprehensive knowledge, and trend awareness

Discussion moderator with excellent industry-level English and comprehensive media training

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How Can a Discussion Panel Moderator Help?

A discussion panel moderator plays a versatile role: from media congresses to business problem-solving

Profesjonalny moderator dyskusji

Media Congresses

Moderator dyskusji, kongresów, konferencji

Business Conferences

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Expert Debates

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Business Brainstorming


What to Expect from a Discussion Panel Moderator? 6 Pillars of Collaboration with Moderator – Katarzyna Głuchowska

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Discussion Panel Moderator in Warsaw, English-Speaking Debate Moderator

Looking for an experienced discussion panel moderator for an event in Warsaw? Meet Katarzyna Głuchowska, whose international experience and excellent communication skills ensure the success of any conference or debate.



Meet the discussion moderator before the event! Here is my video in Polish, English, and French.

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Exceptional Discussion Moderator in Warsaw!

Engage an exceptional discussion moderator in Warsaw, specializing in leading debates, panel discussions, and expert meetings in both English and Polish. The moderator skillfully uses specialized vocabulary and maintains the appropriate register of speech, even without a ready-made script.

Choose an experienced professional as your discussion moderator, possessing a deep understanding of the event industry and experience in various contexts—from diplomacy, where knowledge of protocol is key, through international business, to the demanding media and live broadcast environment. The moderator also prepares questions for speakers and conducts pre-debate briefings, ensuring high-quality meetings.


See How I Moderate Debates!

Watch recordings of conferences, debates, interviews, and announcements I have moderated.

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Moderator Available for Events in Warsaw

Hire a debate moderator for your event in Warsaw who is up-to-date with current trends and key topics in the media, economy, and politics. She has the ability to present these issues clearly and vividly.

The Best Panel Moderator for Events in Warsaw – Katarzyna Głuchowska

The best panel debate moderator for your event, conference, or gala, creating harmonious collaboration with the production team. Ideal for leading live-streamed debates. Experienced in working in front of the camera, skillfully using both handheld and headset microphones, and utilizing available event technology during discussions and quizzes.